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Why So Many Variants?

Variant after variant coming one after another – now we’ve got “Ah-muh-cron”!  Oy vey! (Ya know if I spell it out then I get censored – shoot, maybe even censored by writing it phonetically!) 

Media is all over it, of course!  But what we are finding (direct from the WHO) is that it likely evades the antibody-mediated immunity (that’s “immunity” from receiving the shot not naturally occurring immunity from having had the virus). 

But findings and evidence show it’s also less deadly than the previous variant. 

Can we continue to run and hide and think that boostering and boostering and boostering will protect us or is it time to enhance our bodies’ abilities to fight, fight, fight?!

We cannot outrun a virus!  Let me say that again!  WE. CANNOT. OUTRUN. A. VIRUS!  Instead of focusing on hiding in your home and thinking that this will go away you NEED to be focusing on what you can do to get your health foundation as strong as possible so you can resume your life with health, resiliency and confidence! 


Dr. K

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