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My experience with Dr. Kelley exceeded my expectations!  We addressed my severe environmental and pet allergies, asthma and food sensitivities. Dr. Kelley has taught me so much about my body and how to use food as medicine! I am now able to eat a wider variety of foods, have successfully weaned off my allergy medication AND inhaler. We focused on detoxing, reducing inflammation and gut healing. She is very accessible and trains you along the way to become more confident in being your own health coach/advocate. The investment I made in my health was well worth it!

Rachel M.

Dr. Kelley is amazing. I cannot express how grateful I am for her wisdom and guidance. My 6 year old daughter was dealing with malabsorption, stomach issues, and chronic constipation. I had taken her to the ped and GI and the GI was struggling to figure things out. I am a very natural based person anyways so I decided to Google natural doctors in the area. This was a huge blessing bc Dr. Kelley was the answer to my prayers. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, gentle, kind, but VERY on target to attack the issue at hand and see results quickly. She is not a doctor that wants you reliant upon her forever but she empowers you with the skills you need to make life changes and live a healthy life without her. My daughter is a different child than she was when we first started with energy, color in her cheeks, able to poop normally, laughs and plays, and is just a normal girl. I am so so thankful!! If you are looking to truly change your life and health, Dr. Kelley is your girl. She was an answer to my prayers!

Tina T.

My husband and I are fully satisfied with our results. Dr. Kelley has been a tremendous asset to our health. I had suffered from gastritis, low energy and thyroid issues and upon following the recommendations I was able to make lifestyle changes. My husband suffered from allergy reactions. The information and education we obtained from Dr. Kelley will remain with us for a lifetime. Thank you Dr. Kelley!

Ivis Fuentes

I am a 71 year old grandmother who had given up on feeling any better. I believed that these aches and pains, among other issues, were just a part of getting older. How grateful I am for a 2nd chance at living clean, healthy and pain free (almost there), When I came I was tense, in pain and doubtful I would ever feel my old self again. But I can’t express how thankful I am for Dr. Kelley teaching me how to live a better life. With a changed lifestyle, I am sleeping better, have less pain and learning how to take care of this body that was designed to heal itself, given it is in the right environment for healing. Thank you Doctor for your love and patience with me when I slipped.
I have spent thousands of dollars trying to be healed, but they were only managing my symptoms.  Thank you for EVERYTHING! You have made a believer out of me and given me a new lease on life.

Linda Ross

I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Kelley.  My migraines are better and my stomach doesn’t hurt like it used to.

Jennifer Dusenbury

Dr. Kelley was very friendly and professional and I had a great experience. She was definitely invested in making sure that I was successful.  The tests were very informative and helpful in getting me and Dr. Kelley the information I needed to succeed.   She is all about the proverb of “teaching a person to fish to feed themselves for a lifetime and not just giving a person a fish to eat once” so they can help themselves to live a healthier lifestyle and thrive instead of just survive. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kelley to anyone who wanted to live a healthier life and have help in learning how to do that effectively.  She has helped me with many different issues I was struggling with and couldn’t figure out on my own and now I have the knowledge and tools to live life to the fullest! THANK YOU!!

Mary Schreier

Dr. Kelley Reis knows her stuff! I have no problem maintaining my new lifestyle now because of the results that she swore I’d see, and I have. Came here from a specialist that didn’t help me with my specific condition at all, years of discomfort, then homeopathic medicine to the rescue. I will add, she is not cheap. She also requires a lot of trust. I was not in a position to comfortably see her financially but all of my other first step options did not help me. I am very picky about what treatments I get and chose to pay for.  My 5 stars are going towards her being the only person to successfully help me.

Taylor S.

Dr. Kelley is a great provider who offers lots of time and support to resolve chronic health issues. I strongly recommend her!

Mariola K.

I was dealing with being in my 50’s, overweight, and having symptoms of inflammation. My medical doctor told me to take yoga, and because I eat a relatively healthy diet, to think of how much more I could weigh if I didn’t,  I left feeling defeated. So I was excited and hopeful when meeting Dr. Reis, or Dr. Kelley as she calls herself.  She started with a history of my health, diet, and exercise, then I had thermography to find out what was going on in my body.  The findings matched those I have had with mammograms and x-rays.  We worked together and developed a plan to reduce the inflammation and weight.  Dr. Kelley was available to meet throughout my treatment.  She was just a text or call away when I had questions, or had to report any weight changes, or symptoms.  This created accountability but also support all day, everyday.  Some days I had big wins but some days I didn’t.  The days I did she cheered me on, and on the days I didn’t she helped figure out why and made adjustments as needed, or just gave me encouragement.   It’s been 5 months and I have maintained my “secret” goal weight (lower than my goal) without any difficulty.  I am free of the discomfort caused by inflammation, I have more energy that is easily sustained throughout the day, and my mood is stable.  I am more cheerful and feel more confident and comfortable with my body.   I definitely recommend working with Dr. Kelley Reis if you are thinking of improving your health.  She’s knowledgeable, passionate, easy to talk to, always smiling, and considers your wins her wins!

Lori Zeh

For six months, I had nausea, diarrhea, insomnia and feelings of anxiety. Everything I ate made me feel sick and I was rapidly losing weight and muscle mass. Leaving the house became difficult and I was having to work more and more from home. I travel a lot for my job and had to cancel some trips. I was an avid runner, but stopped exercising. After getting no answers from my primary care physician or three gastroenterologists, a neighbor recommended Dr. Reis. She spent a lot of time learning about my background and symptoms and ran tests that had not been considered by other doctors. She diagnosed me with SIBO and the onset of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The SIBO protocol that she prescribed helped immensely and I noticed changes by day three! It took several months to heal, but today, all of those symptoms are gone. The constant nausea and diarrhea are gone and I sleep through the night. The anxiety is completely gone. I’m back at work, traveling and exercising. I am so grateful to Dr. Reis for her insight, encouragement and expertise. SIBO is not easy to eradicate and it takes an experienced expert like Dr. Reis to lead the way because each patient is different.

Traci Donnell

I have been doing really well. My main issues were insomnia and hair loss. I think your treatment plan for me has settled in and kicked in beautifully!  I have been able to sleep really well! My hair is now thick and voluminous! I rarely lose hair these days! YAY!! I feel comfortable combing my hair. I used to avoid combing because I lost so much hair just by combing, my hair is getting even thicker and wonderful! Thank you! My energy level is great too!  Thank you for your wise treatment plan for me! This is a surely amazing breakthrough which I have been striving to get for more than a decade!!

Judy Ko

I went to see Dr. Kelley to help me get off reflux meds. I had been using for probably a decade and off and on for 10 years prior. After eating, I would have gnawing in my stomach and bloating and belching. She helped me get to the root of my problem, so I was able to successfully wean off within a couple of weeks! I learned more about my hormone levels and many other things, I thought I already knew! I feel better than ever! No more reflux, no belching, more energy, no joint pain, and I have lost over 10 inches and 18lbs! This is the most success I have had with losing weight, while improving my health and wellness!

Michelle Moore

I walked into Dr. Reis’s office many years ago, with poor health and, based on my history with the medical community, low expectations. I challenged her to improve my health and she challenged me to follow her instructions. Over the next couple years, she knocked out my health issues one by one and I watched my life perk up and turn around. Once the issues had either been resolved or dissolved, she took me to the next level of energy and focus with the ability to sustain my health and energy in long term high stress situations. She knows her stuff. She listens, she understands, she provides easy access for communication and doesn’t pass off “one size fits all” solutions. She changed my life and improved quality of life for all my friends and family members who walked into her office and said “help me” She’s awesome.

Deborah Coon

Highly recommend Dr. Reis. Her recommendations are easy to follow and answers a lot of questions. Dr. Reis is highly accessible to her clients and answers any questions you may have.  The results have been outstanding, In 10 weeks I’ve lost 20 pounds and all my health issues have been eliminated and or drastically decreased.

P Marrow

I feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Kelley Reis. After a series of tests (Gut, DUTCH, and blood work), Dr. Kelley made recommendations specific to my needs. 

She is non-judgemental and extremely informative, and I know I can go to them with any questions or concerns. I must say, my life has changed greatly since meeting her. I had been on a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for 44 years, but developed an autoimmune disease. I am eating a more healthy diet now (including meat!), remaining positive, and have lost 20 pounds, to boot. I feel more focused, and all sugar cravings are gone!

I am grateful for her support, and look forward to continued good health!

Carol Dukes