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How do you differ from Functional Medicine practitioners?

Functional Medicine strives to understand the root cause of your symptoms – the “WHY” (“I have high blood pressure because I am eating foods that are causing inflammation in my blood vessels”). Conventional medicine is concerned with the “WHAT” (I have high blood pressure – so take a BP-lowering medication). While functional medicine sounds great – unfortunately most functional providers will “supplement” your blood pressure instead of working diligently to remove the cause that is specific to you. Unfortunately that is a “one-size-fits-all” supplementation plan vs individualized medicine as it should be. As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Kelley has 5 years of naturopathic medical school education plus many years of practice and is highly trained to address your unique health needs – other functional practitioners have only taken a class or two to get a “certification” and simply do not have the skill set and extensive training to see your full picture. Clients come to us overburdened by tons of supplements prescribed by other functional providers. They still feel unwell – maybe worse than they did before the supplements. We do not just give you useless supplements as this burdens the body more than it helps.

Are you able to help everyone?

We can only help people who are ready to take action, not those that simply want to “think about it”. The clients we accept into our programs are willing to do whatever it takes to finally move forward in their health and they get amazing results. If we feel we are not the right practice for you and your health goals we happily refer you to the appropriate place. However, we are able to help the majority of the people that come to us for help!

Do you take insurance?

We accept FSA (flexible spending accounts) and HSA (Health savings accounts) because you can spend your money on your health the way YOU see fit. Traditional insurance simply doesn’t pay for getting you better or any part of true wellness so we are unable to bill any insurance plans.

Can you prescribe medicine?

Dr. Kelley is unable to refill or prescribe conventional pharmaceuticals (and doesn’t find the need to do so in most cases).