Empowering You to Reclaim Your Health and Live the Full Life you Deserve!

Frustrated with the Current State of "Health Care"?

Are you disenchanted with the “health care” you receive? It’s more like “sick care”!

Have we lost the “ART of medicine”?  No individualized attention!

Are you concerned about staying healthy in these uncertain times?

Are you experiencing side effects or adverse reactions from recent viral illness or medical “treatments”?

Maybe you are fatigued, bloated, “hormonal”, in pain or more?

There are so many “functional” healthcare providers claiming to help you get better but instead use it as an opportunity to sell you gobs of supplements!

If you are 100% ready to change the direction of your life and regain your health we’d love to chat with you and help you improve your health and life like you have only dreamed of!

What makes our approach different?

First and foremost, Dr. Kelley is a Board-certified Naturopathic Physician (N.D.) not simply a “Functional Practitioner”. To become Board-certified, a Naturopathic Physician must be comprehensively trained and graduate from an accredited 4-year Naturopathic medical school and pass grueling Board exams similar to those of conventional medical school. Functional providers need only to complete one class to become certified in areas of natural medicine.  There are both significant philosophical and training differences between the two.  While NDs have extensive  knowledge of the functions of the human body (anatomy, physiology, immunology, etc) there is a unique focus on learning how to holistically address the underlying ROOT issues better than any holistic provider.

Secondly Dr. Kelley focuses on FOUNDATIONAL Medicine.

Foundational Medicine is focusing on the systems that create a healthy foundation.  Just like you can plaster and paint over a crack in a wall you will never get long-term results without addressing the foundational issues that created the crack in the first place.  The same is true with health – you can try and try to supplement symptoms but if you want real, sustainable results you need to address the foundations of health  – detoxification, gut microbiome restoration and hormone balance!

We are a Private Membership Association



“the ability to choose the direction of one’s own life, and being the exclusive authority over one’s own body and mind” 


A PMA is a legal entity in which the rights of both you (the client) and me (the practitioner) are constitutionally protected – particularly protecting its members’ 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendment rights to privacy, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and freedom of speech as it relates to their healthcare choices, natural products, and services.

These last years we have seen MAJOR government and regulatory agency over-reach into patients’ medical care.

As a PMA I will function as I always have – within the legal scope of my practice offering you services to the fullest extent of my ability.

My ultimate goal remains: to help people achieve optimal health through balancing Gut Health, Inflammation and Hormones – the foundations of health.

THERE IS NO FEE TO JOIN OUR PMA – that’s not what this is about.

However, if you would like to work with me, I will require that you join my PMA.
That’s the ONLY way I will work with clients in this “new age” of healthcare.

To become a member, we will ask that you read and sign our PMA agreement prior to your first appointment (that will be taken care of after we decide that we want to work together).

I offer Free 15-minute consults to discuss health concerns before we decide next steps! But just remember, I will only move forward with those clients that value freedom of speech like I do and find value in a PMA.

Our PMA was formed out of great need in the holistic medical community for a safe- haven where YOU can make personal healthcare choices and I can offer you the best and most effective holistic healthcare without fear.

This is a win-win scenario and the new face of medicine!

REMEMBER – The FDA is NOT your doctor! The government is not your doctor!
You inherently have Health and Body Sovereignty!

At Raleigh Natural Wellness, we provide highly effective and personalized holistic wellness appointments to fit your needs and health goals.

We offer an individual comprehensive consultation with Dr. Kelley.

In this one-on-one consultation she will review your health concerns and symptoms and recommend fact-finding lab testing options as well as an individualized and actionable holistic treatment strategy to help you improve your health.  We are finding so many people are just looking for answers during this time!

We also offer a variety of “stand-alone” lab testing and review options for those interested in learning more about their hormone and gut health without the commitment to a more comprehensive health approach.

We combine cutting edge functional medicine with simple lifestyle practices and mentorship aimed at attaining long lasting health results.

Our core mission is to help you achieve the optimal health you deserve by treating YOU – the WHOLE you

We are 100% virtual!  We can help you no matter where you are!

Our Team’s mission is to help YOU achieve YOUR optimal (and pain-free) health!


Amazing Results

We see amazing results every day because the only clients we accept are those that are extremely motivated to take action in their lives and change the direction in which they are headed.  Our clients have amazing dedication to reclaim their health!

Root Causes

Many functional medicine practices over-prescribe supplements and only manage symptoms – we believe we cannot simply supplement or medicate you to health.  Our focus on the root cause of symptoms and conditions get our clients the results that they rave about! (Check out our Testimonials)

Optimal Health

Our incredibly unique Naturopathic medicine approach provides solutions to give you LASTING health results.  We also TEACH YOU how to maintain optimal health so you no longer have a reliance on doctors for health maintenance.  Our goal for you is to obtain true health independence!

It’s Time to Live your Best Life!