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Vitamin D3, Inflammation and Epigenetics

I know I’ve spoken before about Vitamin D3 and how beneficial it can be for pretty much everything.  But it’s time to discuss it again because of some more recent findings regarding protection of our genes!

 But a little Covid talk for a minute 😊because it is pertinent and we are learning more about some precious vitamin’s and mineral’s health benefits through this research.

 First some important background:

Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor is a main target for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) virus.  This virus is evil and downregulates this receptor but what happens next is interesting.  ACE2’s main job is to regulate the balance between Angiotenisin II and Angiotensin-(1,7).

ACE2’s job is to make sure we never have too much Angiotensin II and plentiful Angiotensin-(1,7).

SO what do Angiotensin II and Angiotensin-(1,7) do?

Angiotensin II is a pro-inflammatory molecule – causing vasoconstriction (tightening of blood vessels), oxidative stress and fibrosis especially in the absence of it’s anti-inflammatory counterpart, Angiotensin-(1,7).  Normally the body has a control over the balance  between pro-inflammatory side, Angiotensin II and the anti-inflammatory side, Angiotensin-(1,7) through ACE2.  The body LOVES balance and always strives for it!

Enter the spike protein of Covid  – the virus gains entry into cells by attaching to the membrane of the ACE2 receptors and decreasing it’s activity.  By decreasing ACE2’s activity you inherently increase Angiotensin II – increasing your chances for vascular injury, fibrosis, clotting and inflammation.

We have come to realize that vascular injury is WHY we have such a problem with Covid.  Why we see the damage we see.  If the vasculature is damaged, then ANY system can be damaged – why we see injury in many body systems.  We know about the Acute Respiratory Inflammation that Covid can bring but my concern has always been more about the vascular damage and tissue injury we see in Acute and Long-Covid cases.

Now the hero of our story – Vitamin D3!  Vitamin D3 is known to upregulate ACE2 – directly countering the SARS-CoV-2’s attempt to turn off ACE2 and make your blood vessels more inflamed and clotted.


Evidence here: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/13/10/3596


But wait, there’s more!

Vitamin D3 is found not only to decrease more systemic issues like vascular/endothelial damage but also found to protect DNA!  Vitamin D reduces cancer-causing genes (oncogenes) and increases tumor suppressors.  We know this is also a target of the spike protein and also why we are seeing an ENORMOUS spike in cancer.  


Evidence here: https://www.eurekaselect.com/article/79788


My concern about Covid this whole time has been the downstream changes caused by the spike protein – not always the Covid respiratory infection itself.  But the Spike Protein damage to the vasculature and DNA.

That Vitamin D can have that big of an impact against this damage is beyond exciting.

I always recommend you get you Vitamin D3 levels tested before starting supplementation – ALWAYS!  I think a good level is around 70 ng/ml.  Many I test are around 25 ng/ml.  That’s because no one gets sun exposure any longer and if they do they still aren’t getting better levels of Vitamin D3!  Too much sunscreen slathered all over our bodies to prevent the creation of Vitamin D3. 

Another piece to this low Vitamin D3 puzzle is Glyphosate (Round-Up).  Since the mid 1990s the US has been under greater attack by our own government.  “Nah, this couldn’t be” you say??? 😉

In the late 1980s, laws were relaxed allowing GMO and Round-Up-sprayed food to flood our food supplies.  We now know Glyphosate interferes with and deactivates the Cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the liver which is responsible for making Vitamin D, sex hormones (like estrogen, testosterone and progesterone) and corticosteroids (like the stress hormone cortisol) as well as detoxification of toxins.

It’s near impossible to find gluten grains without residue of Monsanto’s Round-up/Glyphosate.  As I been known to say – it’s not the gluten, it’s the glyphosate.

Is this all by design?

Seeing how amazing Vitamin D3 is and what it can do.  That it can actually change how your DNA/genes express!!

Taking too much is a real issue.  I tend to give a greater loading dose for first 20-30 days then lower dose beyond that.  Starting doses depend on starting Vitamin D3 levels that we test.  I have yet to see many people increase their own levels by taking under 10,000 ius/day.  There is always a few though.  That’s why testing is so important.   

Some are saying we shouldn’t be taking Vitamin D3 because it’s a hormone.  But in all honesty I believe that if you test and are managed by a competent health care provider then you cannot go wrong. 

This should not be confused with medical care.  Please seek the attention of your own primary care provider to test you and adjust YOUR specific needs😊

Happy April!!


Dr. Kelley

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