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Updated Immune Strategies


Holistic Immune System Support


  2. You cannot supplement yourself out of a poor lifestyle and diet
  3. You must work on Stress – and that’s not just take a supplement
  4. Get on early treatment at FIRST sign of potential illness
  5. High Doses of zinc concerning – throws off Zn-Cu balance
  6. Diet, Detoxification, Gut Health and Hormone Balance are crucial



Vitamin D3/K2:  30,000iu daily for 30 days if levels are lab-tested low (normal healthy is 75). After 30 days back down to 5,000iu; then recheck levels after 3 months to ensure you now have normal levels and they stay normal.  Vitamin D3 should always be with Vitamin K2!




Astaxanthin:  between 12-24mg/day

  1. Anti-oxidant that is 6000x more potent than Vitamin C
  2. Has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and improve immune system strength but also inhibit oxidative stress-mediated apoptosis related to Covid thereby reducing progression of end organ damage.



Allimax (pharmaceutical grade garlic/stabilized allicin) Liquid:  nebulized once daily (careful if you have a sulfa allergy)

  1. Can boost overall immune system especially during vulnerable viral seasons.





Copper:  So many are taking high doses of zinc long-term and we have the great potential of throwing off a delicate balance in our systems; the zinc:copper balance

  1. Can boost overall immune system especially during vulnerable viral seasons.
  2. Symptoms include anemia, brain fog, fatigue, muscle weakness, neuropathies, poor immune function
  3. For every 15mg of zinc you should be getting 1mg copper



Zinc Tally Test:

  1. Run this test to see if you have a zinc deficiency before consuming large doses daily



Liquid Vitamin A Palmitate:  100000iu daily for 4 days ONLY (at onset of viral illness)



English Ivy:  antispasmodic, mucolytic, both expectorant and suppressant, bronchodilation, anti-inflammatory

  1. Known to soothe coughs by thinning and breaking up mucous as well as calming muscular contractions in bronchi to reduce a spasmodic cough but also act as an effective expectorant when needing to clear mucous





Nebulizing NAC 10% or 20% solution:  Nebulized undiluted 4x/day

  1. 3-5ml of 20% solution of 6-10ml 10% solution
  2. Mucolytic – breaks mucous protein bonds to effectively break up and decrease thickness of mucous


Nebulizing AlliUltra Liquid (pharmaceutical grade garlic- stabilized allicin:  Use 5 drops plus 5 drop of saline nebulized 4x/day (be careful if you have a sulfa allergy)

  1. Can treat viral, bacterial and fungal lung infections


Xlear Nasal Spray:  3 sprays/nostril 2-3x/day

  1. Xlear is working on pre-EUA from FDA for nasal spray – anti-viral, antibacterial, decrease viral load in nasal




Mung Bean Extract and EGCG (vitexin/isovitexin):

  1. Protective against cytokine storm (lowers HMGB1) and sepsis





Coleus forskohlii (forskolin):  250-500mg/day

  1. Protective against cytokine storm (lowers HMGB1) and sepsis
  2. Decrease viral replication by disrupting numerous SARS-CoV2 proteins from binding to ACE2
  3. Inhibits the release of histamine from mast cells (acting as a natural famotidine – targeting H2 receptor to decrease pulmonary edema)
  4. Acts as a bronchodilator and helps to build testosterone



https://pesquisa.bvsalud.org/global-literature-on-novel-coronavirus-2019-  ncov/resource/pt/covidwho-1259834




L-Carnosine:  10mg-100mg/kg

  1. Present in the human body; antiviral, anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory
  2. May reduced lung damage associated with SARS-CoV2
  3. Inhibits viral replication





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