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Hope for Spike Protein Breakdown

Yes, it’s time to update some information on the Covid Spike Protein.

I bet you thought we were done talking about Covid?  Nope – it’s an unfortunate real factor in today’s health!  My practice has forever changed since 2020.  Now we are starting to see more endothelial damage and elevated inflammatory markers that I never saw to such a degree prior to 2020.

This is particularly important for those who choose to get the shot or work in areas where they are likely to be continually shed upon.

We’re all looking for answers and I’m noticing an increase in “colds” at odd times and poor recovery after such colds – lingering fatigue, coughs, insomnia, etc.

What this whole Covid fiasco has come down to is stopping the spike protein or spike protein damage.  And it’s real.

Many holistic doctors like me are called “quacks” for even discussing the need to protect oneself from the damaging effects of the spike protein.  Those people on the offensive pretend none of this is happening and that’s it’s all in our heads.  They are 100% wrong!

Whether you chose (or were forced) to get the Covid shot or think/know you’ve had covid at some point, it’s important to do some natural things to break up the spike protein as it has likely done/is doing damage.  Many of these nutrients work on preventing transmission as well!

Several Covid-era doctors have come up with some great information on what supplements are beneficial.  Of course, many are coming out with their own supplement formulations as well.  Nothing wrong with that really but most of the time I prefer single nutrients because you can control potential side effects and dosage more easily.

So what nutrients are getting the best press these days on degrading/inactivating the spike protein?

  1. Nattokinase: an enzyme extracted from fermented, boiled soybeans (fermented with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto).  Nattokinase has always been used to degrade clots but now has been shown to degrade the spike protein as well.   Be careful with nattokinase if truly allergic to soy.  Yes, I can’t stand soy.  Yes, I still LOVE nattokinase😊



  1. Bromelain – an enzyme in pineapple that has been used as a potent anti-inflammatory is now shown to disintegrate the spike protein – especially when added to NAC (N-acetylcysteine). BUT be careful with bromelain if you have a pineapple allergy!  Also take Bromelain on an empty stomach to avoid its function as a digestive enzyme!




  1. Curcumin: a potent component in its “nano/liposomal form” in the root turmeric can prevent the spike protein damage and neutralizes the spike protein.  Curcumin is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent particularly for neuro-inflammation which I now see more than ever before in even Covid-unvaccinated folks.




  1. Autophagy: the body’s natural breakdown and recycling of dysfunctional cellular components leading to cells working more optimally.  This process clears many pathogens within cells.  It occurs during a deprivation scenario (nutrients or oxygen).  Relatively short fasting is one such controlled way to achieve autophagy.  Usually it can be achieved within 24-48 hours of a water fast.  DO NOT FAST WITHOUT KNOWING HOW YOUR BODY HANDLES A FAST OR WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF YOUR KNOWLEDGEABLE MEDICAL PROVIDER!



(In this article there is a great table of nutrients beneficial to Covid in general – select Table 2 once you’re in the article)

A little aside – no matter how many people say a “plant-based diet” is the key to health or autophagy I’ll never agree.  There is no sustainability in a plant-based diet for a human.  NO matter how much it’s pushed!  Unfollow if you must 😉

Here’s the recommended dosage of each nutrient by Dr. Peter McCullough:

Nattokinase 2000 fibrin units (fu) 2x/day

Curcumin (liposomal or nano) 500mg 2x/day

Bromelain 500mg 1x/day


Here are some of my favs!


A friendly reminder – this is not meant as medical advice; this is meant to draw attention to the hope that natural remedies provide!

Hope summer is going well for you!

 Dr. K


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Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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