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Skin Disorders: Much More than Skin Issues

Whether it’s eczema, acne, psoriasis, skin cancers or dermatitis it’s ALWAYS more than a skin condition. ALWAYS.



 That’s why I’ve had this ongoing issue with the specialty Dermatology.  Not that there isn’t a place for specialties – but as I’ve mentioned in blogs previously – creating “specialties” has gotten the focus (for the doctor and the patient) away from the WHY and to a sole focus on the WHAT.

If you’ve ever been to a dermatologist, then you know what the standard treatment is for your ailment. 

A “topical”, right? 

OK, maybe for acne they recommend oral birth control or Accutane or minocycline but it’s almost always a cream, salve or gel to schmear on your skin issue.

And what does the topical address?  Only a “skin-deep issue” if it’s even THAT good.

And most of the time they recommend a steroid topical.

Steroid topicals may appear to address the issue as they sometimes make the problem SEEM to disappear but all it does is suppress the issue and “drive it deeper”.

What do I mean by “drive it deeper”? 

Here’s an example – a baby with eczema is given a topical steroid to “calm it down” and often we see asthma develop in many of those babies.

There would already be a pre-disposition to asthma in that child because eczema is strongly connected to seasonal allergies, asthma and food allergies.  But the steroid cream acts to “drive” the eczema deeper into the system often resulting in a more systemic issue appearing.

While the issue seems to improve initially, the minute you stop the topical it comes screaming back because it’s not really gone or “calmed down”.  Steroids prevent the outward reaction – they don’t stop the whole process.  It’s still there!

BUT ALL skin issues are rooted MUCH deeper than just in the skin.

First off, they ALL have issues centered around gut health. 

Yes, I said ALL!

Duh!!  Of course, right!?

I guess by now you know that I think EVERYTHING is at least partially based in the gut!? 😉

So, I start right there – in the gut to address skin issues – acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

But other, less known things can cause skin issues include liver and kidney issues as well as a reaction from gluten/glyphosate.  Those things need to be tested to make sure we are clear about what we are dealing with.

Issues like acne also have an enormous connection to hormonal imbalances and liver “congestion”.  So those must be addressed to get anywhere with acne.

I wish it was always easy to address all skin issues the same but it’s not often a quick fix.

Don’t let the conventional medical paradigm convince you that a Dermatologist has the whole answer – just like a Neurologist, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, etc. don’t have all the answers.  We are whole beings – much greater than individual systems needing specialists.

Always remember we MUST get to the ROOT CAUSE!

Happy Spring!


Dr. K

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