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Self Sufficiency in Health – You Should Learn More About Yourself

Have you noticed that so many people are working diligently to become self-sufficient these days? 

There are tons of workshops on how to grow your own food to feed yourself and your family.  Many are homesteading, raising their own meat and making all kinds of home/household products so they rely less on conventional shopping and empty shelves.

For example, my new love is growing from seeds and propagation of my own plants – ground cover, herbs (like rosemary), fruits, some veggies, whatever I can!  But it’s not nearly as easy as you’d think!  Seeds and plant cuttings are temperamental and require quite a bit of attention to get them to a producing, healthy plant!  Especially if trying to grow a fruit tree! 😉 But it’s so much cheaper than buying plants and I’m excited to plant them and use some to feed my family!




So my question to you is – How far have you come?  What have you done to make you and your family self-sufficient?

Are you still reliant on a broken system that is failing us from every angle?

Still think it’ll go back to “normal”?  I’m not banking on it!

And there are so many self-reliance resources out there training you not to need so many store-bought items.

But what about self-reliance in health? 

Do you think individuals of past generations relied on doctors to keep them well?  Like a modern, conventional medical “check-up”?  Or were our ancestors living lives that were healthier and they only saw a doctor if they were sick enough and couldn’t get over it themselves?

What has become of our “healthcare system” that we “need” to go into a doctor for “check-ups” for them to run generic (if any) bloodwork and tell us what drugs we need to “keep us healthy”?!

As I like to say – we have become SO conditioned by this system that often keeps us locked in and reliant upon it.  But does it ever make you HEALTHIER?

Over the last 4 years I have stressed self-reliance/self-sufficiency in health.  Not the most common medical viewpoint in conventional OR holistic medicine.

In all honesty I don’t want you to need me!  (But I’m here if you do). 😉

My focus has transitioned to providing you as much training as I can so that you feel comfortable and can better navigate your own symptoms and health goals without having to run to a doctor.

There’s such a dramatic need for holistic help these days and I’m doing my best to help all of those that need me, but it’s become more of an individualized “training course” than anything.

It’s truly my new mission as a Naturopathic Physician.

To get you informed and educated on your health!

Yes, often we might need to get some data, so we know where you stand – and by data, I mean labs. Not a time to guess but good time to test and get your baselines on your health.  And of course, I do not expect you to be naturopathically trained so you will need someone to explain results and how they relate to your symptoms and stand in the way of your health goals.  But my goal beyond that is to send you off with a heap of knowledge to keep you going at a steady pace towards your health goals.

I’m not one to test EVERYTHING unless that makes sense for you and your health.  What I mean by that is I’m not going to test for Lyme Disease or Mold Toxicity/Biotoxin Illness right off the bat.  Why, you ask?  Because #1, they are stupidly expensive tests if you want to do it right. 

And #2 I don’t TREAT Lyme Disease or Biotoxin Illness. 

What the heck, Dr. Kelley?!?!?

As I’ve said before I don’t treat disease – I WORK WITH PEOPLE who might have certain diseases/disorders.  I don’t focus on the WHAT but look for the WHY.  That’s usually found in the health foundations – I want to know why YOU got the certain disease/disorder.

That’s what I teach you (and so should every doctor) so that you can strengthen those health foundations – gut health, hormone balance, detoxification pathways and inflammation.

Find a doctor that truly wants you to thrive independently of them and wants to educate you about YOUR issues.  Remember – Docere (where “doctor” comes from) means TEACHER – not drug or supplement pusher!

Strengthen the foundations of your health – strengthen your ability to stay vital and not need ANY doctor to manage your health.

This current medical system (even some of the holistic side) keeps you reliant on them under the guise of “health”.

But you SHOULD you be able to do much of this totally on your own if properly trained!

What will you do today to take one more step towards self-sufficiency?


Take that step!


Dr. K

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