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Red Meat for the Win!

Red Meat is vindicated!


Not that it ever stopped me from recommending or eating it because I always knew better but it’s invigorating when we finally see the truth instead of propaganda!  See the new paper 
HERE.  The reputable University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation reviewed and assessed DECADES of research and blasted the past research as “lazy”.

Remember, a few months ago I showcased the new research that shows low serotonin is not the cause of depression?  Yep, also based on mega meta-analyses (stringent and scientific review of decades of past (and poorly designed) “lazy” research).

But don’t forget fat was also vindicated in 2016.  Remember that?

The Sugar industry execs paid off Harvard scientists in the 1960s to quietly downplay the risks of sugar and showcase the risks of fat and it took until this research paper in 2016 shined the light on the fraud!  Imagine that – FRAUD in science – and HARVARD “Science” at that!  How could that be – it’s SCIENCE, right?!?! (wink wink;)  

Maybe, just maybe having society rely heavily on sugar (the disease-causer that I fondly call “the devil”), fake meat and pills works to their advantage.  But who is “they”??  “They” would be the people that benefit the most from you being ill – insurance companies, Big pHARMa, Big Ag, the government – you know, the “Medical Mafia”.  They do NOT benefit from you being healthy – it wrecks their profits, their cash cow and their ability to control you – so why would they want you feeling and being your best, powerful and clear-headed!?

So let’s pay off scientists because everyone trust them, right???

Not so much anymore – the light is on and many have opened their eyes to the fact that ANY scientist has a price, ANY scientist can be bought and paid for – ya just need to know what their price is.

So we need to focus on common sense.

Do you think we are made to eat bugs as our source of protein?  Or soy?  Or beans?  Do you think our canine teeth are designed to “tear” tofu???  If you do then you’ve been seriously mislead!

But as you know I believe everyone should be free to eat as they choose – but from a medical standpoint – especially one that focuses on gut and hormone health – I simply do NOT see long-term vibrant health in people who focus on a diet of plant protein sources. PERIOD.

I’m not trying to anger vegans but I also won’t ever remain quiet about this issue.  No one can convince me that plant proteins and a plant-based/vegan diet is optimal for human health – I have over 23 years invested in my holistic trade – it’s basic biochemistry, nutrition and anatomy for me – no “research study” can persuade me to think otherwise (see points above for why:).  Any diet that REQUIRES one to take a store-bought supplement otherwise it will result in Megaloblastic anemia (B vitamin deficiency anemia) and death CANNOT be a viable diet.  One would DIE in nature on a vegan diet without a GNC near to grab some B12 pills.

But I digress – over the year even many who ate animal protein skipped the red meat as they were taught that it will increase chances of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic, inflammatory diseases.

Many still believe to this day that “red meat is bad for your health”.   The flat out lie that you’d be better off choosing “white meat, fish or vegetarian options to live a healthier life” is ridiculous!


Red meat is an AMAZING, super nutrient-dense source of protein for human health!  But quality matters!  Actually quality not only matters but is EVERYTHING.  Conventional animal farming provides horrible environments for animals and produces horrible quality meat.  Grass-fed and grass-finished cows raised free-range on beautiful pastures not only provides a beautiful environment for the animals to thrive but produces a beautiful protein source for us – packed full of nutrients like protein, B12, iron and zinc (to name a few).  

ALL research studies on red meat have ONLY evaluated “standard, store-bought red meat”.  That is grain-fed, antibiotic-laden, poor quality red meat.  Can you imagine what the studies would look like if they studied grass-fed/finished quality red meat?  I’m certain there would never-ending, amazing benefits seen and certainly no health risks!

Beef should be back on your table!

Want quality beef?  Check out your local farmer’s markets or THIS WEBSITE to locate some local suppliers near you!

Big Hugs!

Dr. K


Find someone local to you to sell you eggs who cares for their chickens like I do.  Mine are as organic as they can be without certification as that certification really means very little.  I’d take a pastured egg from a trusted source than a store-bought organic egg any day!

Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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