Natural HCG Weight Loss Program

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At the Natural Medicine Center, we offer the Natural HCG Weight Loss Program.
It is a super effective program to lose weight and keep it off!


Physician-Supervised, Natural HCG Weight Loss Program


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally-occurring protein (hormone) found predominately in pregnant women. It helps to maintain the structure (corpus luteum) that produces progesterone to maintain a pregnancy.

In the 1950’s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeon, a British endocrinologist, hypothesized that HCG was also responsible for mobilizing fat to the growing fetus – moving it from mother to child. Following this hypothesis, Dr. Simeon used HCG in teenage boys to address hormone imbalances. What he found was that they lost the majority of their abdominal fat as well.


Many people notice that they have a specific weight where their body settles. This may or may not be their ideal weight. It is consider the “set-point” for the body.

HCG tells the hypothalamus (the brain’s “master gland”) to mobilize/move fat. When there is no pregnancy this fat is burned as fuel resulting in weight loss and formation of a new set-point. If fat is taken in through the diet, the body burns that fat. However, when HCG is used as part of a reduced calorie/fat diet (for a short period of time) it results in burning fat from the body stores.

HCG is also believed to protect lean muscle mass while burning fat. A low calorie diet without HCG would result in significant lean muscle mass loss. Lean muscle is crucial for the body as it provides strength, burns fat and speeds the metabolism. HCG prevents this by telling your body it has plenty of calories to burn therefore it does not experience “starvation” and the negative impact of that on the metabolism and adrenal (stress) glands– it replaces calories from food with stored fat calories leading to incredible, sculpting/fat burning effects.


At The Natural Medicine Center we offer HCG by injection. This has been found to be most effective form of HCG to protect the body from lean muscle mass loss. It also appears to manage hunger better than other forms during the program.


The Natural HCG Weight Loss Program is a four phase program of weight loss and maintenance that is very effective.

The weight loss/calorie restriction phase lasts 21-40 days and consists of HCG injections (using a tiny insulin needle) while following a low fat, 500 calorie/day diet. While this seems aggressive there is a physiological reason. This is the only time Dr. Kelley recommends eating a low fat diet. When on HCG injections, your body is rapidly burning fat. The more you take in through diet, the less you will mobilize from your body to burn. We are optimizing fat loss by reducing fat intake.

The remaining phases are about stabilizing and maintaining your new weight with real, whole foods without calorie restriction so that your hypothalamus creates a new metabolic and weight set point.

These phases are most important!

During the entire program, Dr. Kelley will assist you daily in fine-tuning this program for you. It is very individualized and she wants to ensure you are achieving your goals!


INITIAL HCG DIET VISIT : $275 This office visit is 1 hour long and Dr. Kelley will review your medical history. You will be given our HCG DIET MANUAL as well as an HCG RESULTS TRACKER. The HCG Diet program will be discussed in detail and uniquely tailored to fit you, your body and your goals.

WEEKLY FOLLOW UP VISITS (required) : $150 Each week that you are on the HCG Diet you will have a ½ hour follow up with Dr. Kelley to continue to tailor the program to your needs.

FOLLOW UP VISIT DURING PHASE 3 (required): $85 This office visit is to ensure you follow the Stabilization Phase correctly to achieve lasting weight loss results.

REPEAT/RETURN INITIAL HCG DIET VISIT : $150 This office visit is about 30 minutes long and Dr. Kelley will review your updated medical history. You will be given our HCG DIET MANUAL as well as an HCG RESULTS TRACKER. The HCG Diet program will be discussed in detail and uniquely tailored to fit you, your body and your goals.

TOTAL PROGRAM COST : $660 (for 21 day weight loss plan) Includes Initial Visit and 3 Follow up Visits (two for Phase 2 and one for Phase 3)

Slim Shot Injections (Optional): $40 This injection has been shown to assist in fat metabolism and consists of methionine, inositol, choline, B complex, B-12 and L-Carnitine. This injection is often very helpful for added energy and fat burning during the HCG Diet process.   The number of weeks that you stay on the program fully depends upon how much weight you would like to lose. Each round of the HCG Weight Loss Phase lasts between 21-40 days followed by a three week period of maintenance at a higher calorie level.

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**disclaimer: Although HCG is a prescription medication, it is not FDA approved for weight loss