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Period Problems?

Since 2020 I am blown away at the reports of dysregulation of menstrual periods or women bleeding after they haven’t bled in 10-20 years. 

This is problematic! 

Why, you ask?

BECAUSE IT IS NOT NORMAL – no matter HOW much your conventional practitioner tries to blame it on “perimenopause” or “stress” – IT IS DYSFUNCTION – that means not normal function.  “Normal” perimenopause is when a woman starts to “skip periods” or go a longer time frame between periods. 

More frequent bleeding is NEVER normal – NEVER.  However it IS becoming more common.


I am getting reports from women in all phases of their reproductive life reporting changing periods.  Almost all of the menstruating woman I have personally talked to who have chosen to get the Covid vaccine have experienced a disruption in their period – and 100% of the time it has been increased bleeding/clotting and/or increased bleeding length.  

There are also many reports of women who are post-menopausal (no period for at least 1 year) who have reported new menstrual bleeding  – sometimes even after 20 years without a period. 

This is a clear case for follow-up with a Gynecologist!  Bleeding after no period for 1 or more years into Post-menopause must be looked at to rule out uterine cancer – whether by pelvic ultrasound, endometrial biopsy and/or hysteroscopy.  But, please, do something to look into this!  Don’t let your doctor brush you off without investigating.  Sad thing is this is becoming the norm.  Doctors are getting used to seeing women bleed more and/or more heavily and are blowing it off as “normal” now! 

Now some of these women seemed to return to their normal cycles after some time but it is being found that after each dose of the vaccine it worsened again.

With newer recommendations of “boostering” every 4-6 months this keeps their periods dysfunctional more than not.

BUT we are also finding tons of women who have not chosen the Covid vaccine to have disruptions in their menstrual cycles – especially after being around vaccinated individuals or having a “natural” Covid infection.  This is no longer few and far between but is becoming rather common. 

Kind of scary, right?

We now know having a “natural” Covid infection disrupts hormonal balance – in particular an increase in estrogen – and can cause whacky periods or new bleeding in post-menopausal women but we are seeing it in much more than that.  

I personally haven’t decided if it’s an increase in estrogen or a decrease in one’s ability to detoxify the estrogens (in Phase 1 of estrogen detox) or a combo of both.  But I do know that I am testing and testing women and men and seeing higher than average estrogens and poorer than average detoxification pathways. 

Makes ya go Hmmmmmmm!

Cycle disruptions or change in length of cycles are only the tip of the iceberg – some experiences are very traumatic – clotting the size of softballs, weeks and weeks of bleeding, extensive and dangerous blood loss, abdominal pain and much more. 

In addition to those I mentioned above we are starting to see a very rare disorder with greater frequency – “Decidual Cast Shedding” – which is when a woman sheds her entire uterine lining – hundreds and hundreds of cases are being brought to our attention when previously it was only heard of in about 50 women.  These women describe feeling like they are shedding an entire organ through their vagina – in essence they almost are.

On the flip side we are seeing very young girls, as young as 2, experiencing menstrual cycles after being around vaccinated individuals.

So what on earth is happening?   Do we blow it all off as “conspiracy theory” (as so many are trying to do disguised as “fact-checkers”) or do we investigate? 

Research into basic aspects of spike protein shedding is being shut down or not funded.  Many researchers are interested in determining the actual mechanism of action in shedding of the Covid vaccine spike protein but instead the idea that it could shed is simply shut down – instead of focusing on proving it does/does not shed.   

What exactly is shedding?  Certain vaccines, like live, attenuated vaccines (MMR, flu nasal vaccine) are known to shed and infect others around a newly vaccinated person.  While the covid vaccine is not a live, attenuated virus it is certainly a relatively new TYPE of vaccine – mRNA.  So COULD it shed?  Could it transmit somehow?   We need this basic research into the Spike protein “shedding” mechanisms. 

No surprise that the FDA and NIH has failed us AGAIN, as usual.

Also, Social media support groups dedicated to menstrual dysfunction in the Covid era with tens or hundreds of thousands of suffering women have been shut down/deleted.  THIS IS A REAL THING regardless of the fact that they censor the crap out of them.  I see it medically in my practice.  Every doctor I am connected with (and that’s a whole heck of a lot) has seen this in their practices as well.

Why is it being censored?  Why isn’t it allowed to be researched?  Why are you being made to think it’s a conspiracy theory? 

Well, I have my personal opinions as well as my professional opinions.  My professional opinion is that 1) they rushed this new style of vaccine to the market and never did viable, reliable research on the side effects which we are now seeing in full light as Pfizer has been required to release their documents!  And 2) there’s more to Covid than meets the eye – this spike protein is super damaging and in various ways which I will continue to talk about as I see new issues come to light.

But what HAS been fully established is that clotting is a side effect of 
the spike protein.  PERIOD.  So I feel we can safely say there is a definite effect on menstrual cycles – regardless of how one gets it.

Women are being silenced/censored by social media and ignored by their physicians.

Here is an amazing resource if you or a loved one is dealing with menstrual cycle changes since having Covid, getting the vaccine or being near vaccinated people:



The more we know the more we can help!!

If you are someone who has noticed changes to your menstrual cycles then it’s important to better understand your hormonal state now and not suffer in silence!

Big Hugs!

Dr. K

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