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No More Time to Waste!

Heart to Heart time!

It’s summer – my personal favorite time of the year!   

BUT, this week I need y’all to understand that you need to get your butts in gear and prepare for another hit of viruses coming this fall and winter!


I need you to seriously check in and ask yourself – what have I done to protect myself and my family for this fall and winter and beyond?

Are you armed with what you need to prevent and treat any illness that comes your way.  Have you learned over the last 2.5 years and are able to adapt to this new and much more challenging world?

If you’re just doing the same thing and nothing has changed for you over the last 2.5 years then YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION! 

The world has changed whether you want to accept that or not!  There is no going back to “normal” as much as you’d like to pretend.

If you think Covid is over or that there is nothing “new” coming this fall and winter then think again. 

I could sit back and watch and prepare just myself and my loved ones OR I can push and push and push to help as many people as I can to be prepared to handle whatever may come our way!

I always say, I’m not trying to scare you but I want you to realize that you are running out of time to get your health in check!  No more time for excuses!  

You NEED to be vital! 

You NEED to be on your game right now!  This ain’t no regular cold and flu season any longer.

We are now on Covid Omicron Variant BA.4 and BA.5  – the variants are waxing and waning in strength, virulence and long-term side effects and lung effects but due to ADE (antibody dependent enhancements) we are seeing some people still suffer severely from even the most mild variants. 

Also, Long Covid is a real threat in many and we are still trying to figure out what exactly that is – but I KNOW for a fact it is destroying and debilitating some lives – even seemingly healthy people.

Did you know that if you’ve had Covid you might actually have repercussions of the spike protein.  We are seeing spike protein damage (system inflammation, autoimmune system triggers, fibrosis and amyloidosis) even in the slightest illnesses and a predisposition to clotting for several months after “natural infection”.  If you are vaccinated then you have a predisposition towards clotting and spike protein “pathology” long term. 

So serious question – Are you metabolically healthy and balanced?  Have you done ANYTHING to improve your health in the last 2.5 years?  Improved your diet?  Increased your exercise?  Tested for inflammation?  Detoxed?  Check your hormone levels?  Sought to understand and improve your Microbiome?

So I URGE you to understand your current health/metabolic state and work like mad to improve it in every way you can NOW!


In Health!

Dr. K

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