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Seriously, More Viruses?

Well, seems like there’s a “new virus” appearing already  – “MONKEYPOX”.

A few months back I told you this would happen and this won’t be the last time!

For many of us doing daily research we don’t find this surprising at all to see yet another virus make it’s way around.  And apparently the US is releasing it’s “monkeypox vaccine from the national stockpile”  Surprise!

Some very reliable resources are actually reporting “monkeypox” to be a Covid vaccine side effect of shingles or “Autoimmune Blistering Disease” as noted by Pfizer in their own documents.    – yep, that’s what I said – it might not even be Monkeypox but legit Pfizer documented side effects.

But another theory is that there was a leak in Wuhan last year of Monkeypox.  China is blaming the US and the US is blaming China and the media is saying “don’t worry, YET”.

If you haven’t figured out by now then I’m sure I’m not gonna convince you – if you rely on media sources for your information then you are screwed – FEAR PORN CENTRAL!  You are easily manipulated if you are fearful, weak and sick!

Is there any reason to be afraid?   Y’all know I don’t fall prey to the latest scare tactics but I thought it would be a good time to reiterate things I’ve said in the past.

It TRULY doesn’t matter what virus comes down the pike because apparently there will be more and more and more if you paid attention to history and you pay attention to Main Stream Media.

BUT, do you honestly believe you can vaccinate yourself out of EVERY health assault?  If so, I’m not your person to follow! 🙂

But there are many who buy heavily into the fear porn hook, line and sinker and will line up for the next one and the next one and the next one.

Over-vaccination leads to an incredibly weakened immune system. PERIOD.  There will always be that next virus and next vax and next virus and next vax and on and on and on.

What exactly should you be doing?  Freaking out, masking up, rolling up your sleeve and staying indoors??

Or should you be spending time improving your health, boosting your immune system and living your life and taking realistic and common sense-style prevention approaches.

But I need you to know and understand that this will never end. 

As I’ve said in the past “Viruses are gonna virus”. 

You will never live a sterile life and living in fear will make you sicker than a virus! (See my last newsletter on stress 😉


1. Stop freaking out about every new virus that’s being reported
2. Get your nutrition in order – there is no one diet that works for everyone but at least EAT. WHOLE. FOOD!
3. Figure out what goes right and wrong in your gut Microbiome!  This is truly where your immunity starts and ends.
4. Better understand your hormones and get them in balance – don’t just go on Bioidentical HRT! That’s not balance!
5.  Get some bloodwork done and assess your current inflammatory status and risk factors!  
6.  Do a good detox 2x/year – in other words clean out your body’s filter like you would do for your car!

These are the basics!  Without these foundations in order nothing else matters.

Sure I’ve listed my research on supplements in previous newsletter and what/how certain nutraceuticals may help boost but as I always say – YOU CANNOT SUPPLEMENT YOURSELF OUT OF A CRUDDY DIET AND LIFESTYLE!  If you don’t clean those up first then don’t bother taking supporting supplements. 

However, If you have been working on your foundation health then supplements like THESE can be of benefit!  Now, I don’t mean ALL of them – these are just some of my favorites.

I’m always happy to help in any way that I can.  While I’m not currently accepting new program clients at this time I am still able and happy to help get you lab tested, evaluated and provide some health direction based on those results so you can feel more confident in moving in a positive direction with your own health!

Knowledge is power only if you act on it!!


Dr. K

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