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Meds, Meds and more Meds!


Let’s talk meds and pharmaceuticals! 

Ever notice that when you take one medication there is a HUGE list of side effects or adverse events possible?  The commercials are ALMOST comical – ALMOST – they would be funnier if not absolutely true!

You develop side effects or risks of side effects from all of them (diarrhea, nausea, joint pain, risk of cancer, seizures, and the list goes on!)

Many of you know I have prescribed a med here and there over the last 19 years so I’m not totally against them – just firmly against the long-term use of them and/or as a “band-aid”.

I LOVE to get to the root of the problem, right!?  If you don’t know that by now then you haven’t been paying attention 😊

Pharmaceuticals RARELY get to the root of the problem.  For instance, an antibiotic may kill the bacteria – but in my eyes the bacteria most often is NOT the problem.  I like to look at WHY the bacteria was able to be there in the first place.  That’s what I like to focus on – the WHY!  The WHAT (bacteria) leads to an overuse of antibiotics and the complete wrecking of the gut microbiome, poor immunity and then more drug need in the future.  So, we eventually cause more harm.  And a huge part of the Hippocratic Oath is “FIRST, DO NO HARM”!

Do doctors remember that these days?  Or are there too many pharma shills paying very little mind to the root cause and only doing what a trained monkey could do – trying to label a patient with a diagnosis as quickly as possible (5-7 minutes in office) so they can match the appropriate drug to diagnosis like it’s from a rolodex!?

Yeah, I‘m being particularly cruel about what conventional medicine has become but honestly there’s very little thought put into the art of medicine any longer and it’s simply “how quickly can I identify a potential, diagnosable issue and it’s matching drug”  Sad, really!

And patients are beyond sick of this type “health care” because it’s simply NOT HEALTH CARE – it’s sick care.  That’s why I use the term “pharmaceutical shill” because too many doctors are being trained by Big pHARMA and not trained in the art of medicine – how to become a detective for their patients – help them uncover what it is they are suffering from and how to help them overcome it.

And many Naturopathic Physicians do this too.  Many are consumed with identifying a symptom and what HERB goes with the symptoms – there’s very little difference between them and their MD counterparts except herbs are usually less toxic than most medications.

Big pHARMa has been training doctors for decades and we are where we are now because of it.  As I said above – the side effects of meds are a HUGE factor.  But in my eyes these side effects are purposeful – yes, purposeful.

All Pharmaceutical companies are FOR PROFIT.  Can you imagine what would happen if they really DID release a “cure” for cancer or ALS or Multiple Sclerosis, etc?  They’d make tons of money on that but then lose repeat customers and the never ending flow of money they get by treating problems that create additional problems. 

Perfect example are statin drugs – designed to lower cholesterol by blocking the enzyme HMG CoA Reductase.  Blocking this enzyme blocks the formation of cholesterol in the liver but also blocks the formation of CoEnzyme Q10 which is CRUCIAL for muscle integrity, prevention of oxidative stress that leads to disease, cellular energy, and more.

And we know that many diseases may be associated with low levels of CoQ10, including cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders.  We aren’t sure if low COQ10 “causes” these diseases or we see low CoQ10 at the same time.

Big pHARMa has stated that EVERYONE should be on statins and have trained doctors to do this work for them (the exact definition of “SHILL”!)  They have been manipulated by fake cholesterol “Science” to believe cholesterol kills and have followed orders to put as many patients as possible on statins as a “preventative”.

What do we now know about side effects of statin use?  Increased diabetes risk, potentially increased risk of breast cancer in women 45-65, muscle pain and potentially life threatening muscle issues (rhabdomyolysis), increased risk of memory loss and alzheimers, increased risk of congestive heart failure…

DO YOU SEE??  The plan of Big pHARMa is repeat customers.

These are publicly traded companies who have loyalty to one and only one thing – their shareholders – not YOU!

Can you now better understand why we see the layering and layering of med upon med.  One med for reflux causes low stomach acid which causes poor calcium absorption which leads to osteoporosis and malabsorption – which in turn leads to medications for those. The same reflux med can also cause stomach and esophageal cancers!  And pretty soon you’re 45 and one medication became 8 medications and you’re sicker than when you started and you don’t know why!

Enough is enough!

Take control of your health and it’s time you ask and understand WHY you are on the meds you are on!  AND is there a plan to get you off of them or just a non-stop prescription train because your doctor doesn’t think about HEALTH CARE but only SICK (Pharmaceutical) Care. 



The whole system is rigged against all of us.  The weaker we are the easier we are to manipulate!

I’ve spent my years helping people safely and responsibly end their reliance on medications and embrace optimal health.  You’ve gotta want it and be committed to doing it slowly and methodically and we can get you there.  I NEVER recommend you do this alone or do it fast.  Do it right!

Fight back against the plan to weaken you!  Fight back against the plan to control you! 

Stand Up!  Stand Strong!  Stand Healthy!

Here to help!


 Dr. K


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Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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