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Lyme Disease: Why is it so challenging to treat?

Why on earth is Chronic Lyme Disease such a challenge to treat?

Regardless of what you hear that Lyme Disease is not common, that’s simply wrong!  The first problem with Lyme is that the testing is super challenging.  Getting a positive conventional Lyme Test sometimes feels like finding a Willy Wonka Golden ticket!  Bottom line is that a negative test doesn’t always mean that there is no Lyme Disease.  Then there are the co-infections that are often a huge factor!

What I find the most challenging though is that many practitioners miss the forest for the trees – meaning – they focus solely on Lyme and miss the WHOLE person and all the inter-connections and their foundational health – like gut, hormones, diet and detox.  Not everything has to be so difficult.  Lyme is there because it can be – what pre-dispositions messed up that person’s terrain enough to “allow” Lyme to take hold?

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