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What labs do I need?

These last 2 & 1/2 years have been something, right?!

Honestly, if you are one to deny that there are SIGNIFICANT changes in health being shown around the world right now you can stop reading now because it’s real and it’s more prevalent than I ever imagined it could be!  

I’ve been in practice for 18 years so I’ve seen quite a few things in those years.

BUT, I have NEVER seen what I have been seeing in this last year.  I’m specifically talking about health issues – high levels of inflammation in people of all ages – even teens.

Vertigo, menstrual irregularities, headaches, brain fog, muscle/joint pain, just “feeling off”, fatigue, dizziness, digestive distress, etc., etc.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is due to exposure to the Covid Spike Protein – whether post-Covid infection or Covid shot – exposure to the spike protein is the issue.  It could even have been the mildest Covid infection or just one shot.

Sure, diets have changed for the worse for many as well and yes, that’s a factor but the blatant level of inflammation (as found on the labs I’m running) is through the roof!

I wanted to share some of what I’m finding in many lab results:

1.  Elevated D-Dimer – a protein in the blood that dissolves clots – if it is elevated then there is a strong likelihood of the presence of clots in the blood

2.  Elevated C-Reactive Protein (CRP) – inflammatory marker that is more specific for blood vessel inflammation and endothelial damage

3.  Elevated Interleukin-6 – an inflammatory molecule that can indicate spike protein pathology

4.  Elevated General Autoimmune Markers – including antinuclear antibodies (ANA)

5.  Elevated Thyroid Autoimmune Markers – tests that looks for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves disease

6.  Elevated Fibrinogen – tests that looks at increased creation of fibrin – a clotting agent

7.  Elevated Insulin – leads to Diabetes Type 2 and Metabolic Syndrome as well as increased predisposition for heart disease

8.  Elevated neuro-inflammatory Markers – suggesting brain inflammation

9.  Elevated Liver Enzymes – suggesting liver inflammation/damage

9.  Significant Gut Pathogens – elevated number and types of gut pathogens/opportunists suggesting a shift in overall gut microbiome health

The number of clients I have seen with increased clotting potential (Fibrinogen, D-Dimer and CRP) is staggering – even younger ages.

Of course I create a protocol based on individual lab values and symptoms but I am surprised at the commonality of symptoms I now see.

Testing these values have become a new baseline for my clients as 95% of people have either had Covid or have gotten the shot so have been/are exposed to the spike protein and it’s damaging effects.

And research continues to show the development of endothelial damage and deposition of amyloid proteins in the body after spike protein exposure.

I urge you to have your practitioner test your inflammatory markers if you are in that 95% even if you feel well.  There’s so much you can do to target these various inflammatory markers before they get out of hand!!

Have a great week!

Dr. K


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Dr. K



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