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Now is NOT the Time to Binge!

My Holiday PSA 😊


With “eat all you want” time (otherwise known as “Holiday time”) in full swing – it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves that it shouldn’t be “binge” time!  From Halloween until January 2nd people allow themselves to load up on sugar and refined foods – excuses like “well, the office has it sitting all around” or “I’ll do better after the holidays” just isn’t good enough!  You owe yourself more!

 Do you honestly know how much damage you can do to your body during this time?  Have you ever wondered why “Flu Season” coincides with this same time and lags two months after?  Is it “Flu season” or simply “I ate so much crap that my immune system is compromised” season???  I believe it’s the latter.


Image is taken from cdc.gov 


This is really the absolute BEST time to eat your best!  And I’m not talking about a deprivation/fasting detox – I’m talking about plenty of quality, yummy, nourishing foods!

All my clients who choose holiday time to eat well also feel amazing.  They actually become aware of what they’ve been doing to themselves all along during this time under the guise of “celebrations” and continue to approach the Holidays as a time to keep control.

Now I’m not saying you can’t have a moment here and there to indulge a bit.  But the fact that “indulgence” becomes months long is really just a marketing ploy to keep you unhealthy and in need of Big pHARMa’s poisonous “remedies”.

Call me a conspiracy theorist – I don’t mind – I’ve been called worse😊😊but it has become increasingly clear that we are under a STRONG influence designed to keep us unhealthy, medicated and weak.  If these last 3 years didn’t rattle you with this in mind then I don’t think anyone or anything can!

I am a Naturopathic Physician, remember – I chose NOT to go to the conventional medical school route as I wanted to help as many as possible to break their reliance on pHARMa and live an empowered, healthy life.

You should not NEED a conventional doctor.  You should not need ANY doctor – even your local Naturopathic, Holistic or Functional practitioner.  But, boy, have we been conditioned to believe we do!?!?

For me – I eat a pretty clean diet – HEAVY on quality animal protein (like grass-fed/finished beef, organic (pastured) chicken and duck eggs from my own feathered babies, pastured pork and chicken (not my feathered babies 🤣), wild caught fish/seafood – all of this with plenty of natural animal fat.  I also like in-season fruit.  This is how I choose to eat because I feel great and strong on this style of eating.  I really jive with Dr. Paul Saladino’s approach – because it can be geared to everyone.


I had a good and interesting experiment this weekend though.  I had a party  – and we had good Mediterranean food – grilled chicken, white rice, Greek salad, some alcoholic, no sugar seltzer drinks and some gluten free brownies and cookies.  Yes, I had some of all of it.  For ONE DAY – actually only half a day.  And honestly how bad does it all sound – not bad at all, right?!  Well, I woke up Sunday aching and lethargic – no real over-indulgence but it was different from my norm.  (Yes, you see, I am human and not perfect😊).  Then after two days back on track with my eating, I feel energetic and strong with no aching – back to myself.  So clearly it was the food/drink – and not even what one would consider really “bad” food!  But that was my reminder of how good I feel!

Now think of all the people that hurt or are tired and either don’t even realize it or are told by their doctors that “well, you’re getting older…” or “you’re just stressed…”. 

Do you even know what it’s like to feel great??


Do I sound like a broken record?  Yep, I’m sure I do BUT if I must hammer this into you and only reach a handful then at least I reached a handful of people who now see the bigger picture. 

Eat crap, feel like crap.  It’s that simple!  And you shouldn’t ever feel like crap.  You should wake up invigorated, revitalized, pain-free.  Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

Instead of buying into the “Holiday Season” as a time to make your body toxic, embrace the idea of yummy, whole foods that nourish your body instead of breaking you down.

We’re all human and sometimes you just wanna indulge – IF you choose to do what I did then just get back on track and learn from it!  Don’t let it bring you down further and further until the new year!

I just want you empowered ❤️


 Dr. K


Find someone local to you to sell you eggs who cares for their chickens like I do.  Mine are as organic as they can be without certification as that certification really means very little.  I’d take a pastured egg from a trusted source than a store-bought organic egg any day!

Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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