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Herbs Over Meds

Happy Spring!

I’m not one to ever want to promote fear.  Instead I love to promote hope and confidence in your own innate ability to be healthy and stave off anything that comes your way!

But in all honesty – many are living in the fear of what’s next – is it another smallpox epidemic? Or maybe it’ll be hemorrhagic fever like Dengue or Ebola?  Holy Moly do the theories run rampant these days!!

Viruses come and go.  They have done this throughout history.

But can we live in a place of fear?  Of course not!  There will ALWAYS be the next disease – that’s 100% natural.  But really it all comes down to survival of the fittest!  Are you part of “the fittest”?  The bottom line has always been HOW READY IS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM TO HANDLE WHATEVER ASSAULT IS THROWN OUR WAY?

So what am I trying to say here?  Most outbreaks/pandemics have been viral.  But we can’t sit around fearful of what’s next because in the end viruses are gonna virus!  We can have our bodies ready (to prevent) or treat ANYTHING that comes our way, naturally!  But, you CANNOT supplement yourself out of a crappy diet and lifestyle!  Yeah I know I hammer that one. 😊   We can arm ourselves with the best immune system we can and focus on anti-virals and immune boosting, right??

While I’m super supportive of the early treatment medical options of the awesome FLCCC doctors I am an even bigger fan of using vitamins and herbs to boost your immune system, try to prevent illness and/or early treat illness naturally.


  1. Broad spectrum across viruses, fungi and bacteria
  2. Many bioactive compounds in each herb allowing it to have a multitude of actions
  3. Usually incredibly safe and effective
  4. Potent anti-virals
  5. Immune boosting
  6. Modulate the body’s ability to regenerate healthy cell by cleaning out damaged cell parts (autophagy)
  7. Improve mitochondrial function
  8. Decrease oxidative stress
  9. Often have inhibitory effects on viral infections so they cannot get into the cell – example in COVID – Coleus forskohlii and Nigella sativa have strong binding affinity for and inhibitory action on the structural (spike protein) and non-structural proteins (MPRO)
  10. Many are organ protective – cardiovascular, liver, kidney, brain, etc.
  11. And so much more…

Medications are created in labs, often based on an active, natural, single compound that they want to make stronger and more effective.  But meds usually don’t have the broad spectrum activity of the original natural product because they utilize only one isolated compound.  Other medications are made strictly from lab chemicals that are expected to exert a specific response in the human body.  Problem is that due to the chemical nature of the medication the body will often have challenges with the unnatural compound and consider it toxic in other systems outside of the one originally targeted.  This is why the liver and kidneys have to be tested frequently when on medications.  If it does cause problems (i.e. side effects) then you are often put on another medication to handle the side effects of the first one and soon you are “layered” with meds!

Herbs are superior because they are more than one, single compound created in a lab.  They have multiple compounds in each of them to give them a multitude of uses.  In natural remedies there might be one compound that inhibits a viral protein and then another compound that boosts the immune system and another that lowers high blood pressure – all in one herb!  Three ways to lower your chances of becoming infected with a virus and/or increasing your chances of survival if you are!  Now that’s amazing!

OBVIOUSLY (I hate that I have to spell things like this out) there could be side effects or allergies to anything – really, anything – even if it’s natural.  Also, some herbs interact negatively to medications you are taking. So please ALWAYS use common sense! 😊


Dr. K

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