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A New Style of Medicine and Health Freedom

I’m about to enter my 19th year in practice as a Naturopathic Physician! 


It feels just like yesterday that I graduated med school!

Over these years I have practiced in many ways – kind of flowing with what people needed and what interested me the most to help people the best.

But since early 2020 so many things have changed and so many people need holistic health support and guidance more now than ever!  

Well, in all honesty, they’ve ALWAYS “needed” it but now people are finally learning that conventional medicine is failing them (always has;) but many are learning this now first hand.

Health concerns not being taken seriously or ignored; given generic treatments for generic symptoms; nothing personalized; no more than basic tests run and patients sent on their way being told “nothing is wrong”. 

YOU know when something’s wrong with you, right??

If I continued to practice standard “primary care” where I see clients visit after visit then I would have been booked up a long time ago and I have always tried to prevent that.  I’m not the kind of doctor that prides themselves on a booked schedule because then I cannot give quality care to the people who need me and want to work with me.

Over these last 2 years I have shifted my practice to help people where they need it most and now that is FACT FINDING and GUIDANCE.

What do I mean by “Fact Finding”?  

Running specific, comprehensive testing based on an overall symptom picture – trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

By now you know how I feel about the Covid Spike protein – it’s bad all around – whether you get it from the shot or from having a bout of Covid itself.

It’s been a total game changer and affects our health more deeply than most realize – levels of inflammation, levels of increased clotting, disrupted hormones, disrupted gut microbiome, increased autoimmune potential and the list continues.

So now my ultimate goal is to help people understand their baseline/foundational health values – where do they stand NOW – not pre-Covid – but in the “Age of Covid” because so much has changed due to this dang spike protein.

Understanding these baseline values helps my clients have a path forward with the aim of preventing further breakdown of health.

Not that I don’t like standard primary care style medicine but, in my eyes, it’s not what is needed NOW.  People are begging for answers and direction and not many doctors are offering that these days.  They want you to sign up to work with them fully; they want thousands of dollars just to consult before the even start to look for answers!

I want to fill that gap:

1.  Be an ear for those that need help and aren’t receiving it

2.  Problem solve through comprehensive lab testing/Fact Finding

3.  Provide as much health direction and treatment strategy as possible based on those results.

And I ALWAYS offer the opportunity for people to follow up with me should they need or want to.

I feel in some ways “Visit-by-Visit medicine” is failing patients – many times because the doctors rely on those visits to keep their practice and bank account full.  It’s disenchanting and disappointing.

I just wanna help people actually move forward in health with trusted guidance and direction based on their specific data. 

So when I say “I don’t do Visit-by-Visit-Style Medicine” now you know what I mean. 

I predominately offer Personalized Lab Testing and Interpretation services which include specific treatment strategies based on those results. 

For most people I can understand what needs to be tested through a free 15 minute zoom call.

However, for those wanting more attention, follow up or have more pressing, acute needs I have plenty of clients who put together their own visit schedule and follow up with me more regularly.

But in the most common scenario clients check in 1-2x/year for follow-up testing or additional guidance.

It’s a totally new style of medicine – one based on finding as many answers as possible, providing direction on those answers then leaving the schedule up to the client. 

It’s freeing and empowering for all of us  —–   HEALTH FREEDOM!


Dr. K


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Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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