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Happy 2024, Y’all! Time to do the new year differently!

Happy 2024,  Y’all!

This week I’ll keep it short because I’ve been traveling for the last 2 weeks.  Yeah – I know, keeping it short is a tough one for me. 😊

December is an odd month for most holistic health care providers.  “Odd” in that it’s often very busy with clients wanting to spend their FSA money before it expires.  But also full of potential clients claiming to want to wait to start at the beginning of the year.

Instead of jumping into optimal health feet first too many are worried it will interfere with their holiday festivities.

So many are formulating their New Year’s resolution as you read this.  Maybe you are one of them?

But I’m gonna urge you to do something different – DON’T come up with a New Year’s Resolution.


Did you know that about 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail by week 3?

Honestly – if you haven’t decided to be healthy already how will a “random date” help you make that decision??

That’s not meant as judgmental at all.  Truly, it’s not!

I mean it to help you think about your long-term commitment to your health.

If you think about it, most people make New Year’s resolutions because they feel so horrible from all of the holiday binging they’ve done the past two months.

What you need to ask is why can’t you make yourself a promise of good health ANY day of the year?  What is holding YOU back from being your best, healthy self?

The beauty of getting your health in true order is that the lifestyle sells itself.  You WANT to stay on track because you feel better.  It’s no longer a “yo-yo” of a year choosing certain times to be/get healthy only to let it all slide again.

Almost all of us have indiscretions on our healthy eating plan.  That’s perfectly normal.  But the indiscretions shouldn’t last months or even weeks for that matter. 

What do YOU need to do to feel better and make it something that you can continue long-term?

Investing in yourself is the best gift ever!

If you want to have a New Year’s resolution this year, I suggest one that is about getting your health in order FOR GOOD😊

I’m wishing you a beautiful and truly healthy 2024!

I’m here to help you put those puzzle pieces in place when you’re ready!

Big Hugs for 2024!

 Dr. K


Find someone local to you to sell you eggs who cares for their chickens like I do.  Mine are as organic as they can be without certification as that certification really means very little.  I’d take a pastured egg from a trusted source than a store-bought organic egg any day!

Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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