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It’s All About Quality!

It’s officially garden-planting time – YAY!

I’m working diligently planting my starts, have my blueberry and blackberry bushes in full bloom, fruit trees planted and now we are getting chickens 🐣 and ducks 🦆 for eggs🥚! 

It is so important we ALL become as self-sufficient as possible these days.

But I know everyone cannot plant their own garden or raise their own egg-layers.

SO what do you do when you can’t do it yourself?

You find local farmers who can!

Not every local farmer is worthy of your trust but most are more worthy than large corporations and factory farms that only have one focus: quantity at the expense of quality!  But always do your research on your local farmers too and the quality of the food they produce!

I hope I don’t have to remind you that the QUALITY of our food matters, right?  


I know I’ve been preaching it for 19 years but I felt the need to reiterate it now.

Animals in crowded quarters, filthy, miserable make horrible food sources.

The quality of our food supply has ALWAYS been important but is becoming more and more important in these times.

First off EAT. REAL. FOOD!  Not Fraken-food.

Whenever a vegetarian or vegan comments on factory farming as a reason for their animal-less food choices I comment that we have a choice.  Animals don’t have to live a miserable life to nourish us.  As a matter of fact, we get more nourishment from animals that live a fulfilling and happy life because they store more nutrients.

Many local farmers pride themselves on the quality of life and food they give their livestock – grass-fed, organic, pastured, etc.  Giving them a life they deserve.

Remember the good ‘ole days when people shopped at farm stands before grocery stores?    Sure, it’s “convenient” now but the quality of most of the products is horrendous!

                                                                                      👇 We went from this 👇

                                                                                                        👇 to this 👇

It’s becoming more and more challenging to find high quality basic foods that aren’t altered in some way – particularly genetically-modified (GMO).

Organic food is supposed to be 100% free from GMO so that’s usually a safe bet.

But with food prices these days sometimes it’s challenging to afford organic food from the grocery store.

That’s one of the reasons I feel it’s best to buy from a local co-op or farm


But I’m not gonna lie – there’s chatter about “vaccines” being put in the food supply as well – that’s why it’s best to buy from a local farmer – if true, there’s a very low likelihood their food would be affected.  

(And for those “fact-checkers” at Reuters and USA Today – your “fact-checking” means nothing to me – you’ve lied to us since your inception!)

But even if not true there are so many reasons to buy local!

I don’t put it past the elites at the top to want to alter our food supply to make us sicker – the whole Medical Mafia wants us ill/weak so we don’t fight back!

Well, not on my watch!

Whether you want to believe it or not, this is not a conspiracy theory – our food quality has dramatically decreased ON PURPOSE.  Convenience is winning out.   Families cook less and less, eat processed food that is marketed to be fast.

They appeal to our busy, rushed lifestyles.

“Instant” everything – rice, oats, porridge, soup, mashed potatoes and the list goes on.

But if you look at the ingredients in these “convenient” foods you can see that you are not really eating “food” but eating convenient food-like stuff.

Remember – the sicker you are the easier you are to control!


Get back to basics!

Grow and raise what you can and/or get your nutrient-dense food from local farmers as much as possible!


 Dr. K


Find someone local to you to sell you eggs who cares for their chickens like I do.  Mine are as organic as they can be without certification as that certification really means very little.  I’d take a pastured egg from a trusted source than a store-bought organic egg any day!

Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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