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Fertility – Why So Many Challenges for Some?

I’ve always had a lot of pride in my ability to help women get pregnant 😊

BUT women often come to me last – meaning they’ve seen ever other specialist before they come to me.  Disappointing to say the least because by that time a person is exhausted and almost always impatient.  But I must admit that I am most surprised at all the things overlooked by all of the other practitioners they saw!

So many things to consider when trying to get pregnant but not finding yourself successful is both frustrating and saddening.

 A few challenges I see often:

1.  Waiting, waiting, waiting until very late 30’s or early 40’s before trying an alternative, holistic path                 (definitely late but not an absolute negative!)

2.  Not tracking periods and ovulation properly

3.  Not having intercourse properly – yes, that’s what I said – and what I mean by that is the timing isn’t              the best or it’s too often and adding large amounts of stress to the fertility process

4.  Thyroid isn’t tested properly or comprehensively

5.  B-12 isn’t assessed

6.  Sperm Analysis hasn’t been performed

7.  Progesterone is assumed OK after a simple blood lab

8.  Not given progesterone for the first 3 months when history of recurring miscarriages


But I’m not gonna lie – I’m seeing more and more young women struggle with fertility in last 2 years by far.  No surprise to most of you, right?  Covid-era and we are seeing all sorts of new things pop up as I’ve described in previous blogs and newsletter. Hmmmmm…

What’s the problem then?

A number of things can be a culprit

1.   Diet: Some research points to gluten as an interfering factor in fertility receptors.  I honestly think it’s          the glyphosate ON the gluten causing the problems

2.   Insulin: Elevated insulin can interfere with fertility hormone receptors, disrupt sex hormone balance             and decrease egg quality

3.   Low B12 has been implicated in some miscarriages

4.   Luteal Phase Deficit: That means a short second half of your menstrual cycle.  The menstrual cycle is             cut in half at ovulation.  First half is about maturing the egg and follicle then ovulation occurs (mid-                 cycle) then luteal phase is when the uterine lining is prepared and nourished by progesterone.  This               should be a minimum of 12 days long and many women have shortened luteal phase so there’s not                   enough time for fertilization and implantation before the progesterone drops and causes a menstrual           cycle to start all over again.

5.   Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: This autoimmune thyroid condition can be a big factor in fertility and is so                often overlooked!

6.   No ovulation: If you’re not ovulating then you cannot get pregnant

7.   Fallopian Tube issues: Can be scarring or blockage preventing the egg and sperm from meeting

8.   Auto-immune conditions: Can be systemic auto-immune conditions or reproductive auto-immune                  issues that attack your egg or sperm and render them damaged

9.   Poor egg quality

10. Poor sperm quality – do not forget to check sperm! The problem often is in poor quality sperm – men            often hate this test because they are afraid of potential poor results and how it feels it impacts their              sense of virility

11.  Stress – yes, stress will over-ride the body and hijack the sex hormones – how many times have I                       heard couples “give up” and start the adoption process and be halfway through or even selected and             get pregnant naturally – even after years of no success. Their minds moved on from the stress of                     fertility challenges and BAM!

12.  And the list continues…

SO many places to look and most reproductive endocrinologists miss more than 50% of these causes and continually try to PUSH a woman into pregnancy with meds and manipulation of the hormonal cycle

But also, most of the fertility meds are very, very hard on a system and have lasting side effects – that most don’t feel properly informed about.

I’m not saying don’t go the conventional route but sometimes it doesn’t have to be so difficult if you truly get your ducks in a row first!  

My advice has ALWAYS been to work on the underlying issues first and help the body WANT/BE ABLE to get pregnant.  Couples spend so much money of fertility treatments and if you need them you want to make them count!

  1. Don’t wait until your 40 to seek an alternative/holistic approach
  2. Check ovulation daily and track it monthly
  3. Don’t have sex every day unless you love it! 😉 When it becomes a task it often doesn’t result in a baby!
  4. Get your hormones checked properly – best through a DUTCH Test but testing for progesterone levels        7 days after ovulation is also a good measure.
  5. Get a FULL blood work-up – looking at egg quality, inflammation, thyroid issues, auto-immune issues,            insulin, etc.
  6. Spend AT LEAST 3 months on pregnant prep – eating right, detoxing, balancing hormones, getting your       gut microbiome right
  7. Learn how to manage stress – it ain’t gonna get easier once you have a baby in your arms!

So many things you can do to prepare and help your body be ready to conceive!  It’s worth the time, effort and investment to do it right!

 Sending positive vibes your way, ALWAYS!

 Dr. K


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Hope you have an EGGcellent day! 😉

Dr. K



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