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Why Are You Waiting So Long???

Happy February Everyone!

Holistic medicine is shining now!  More than ever before! Shining in prevention and super early treatment!  But it has ALWAYS been THE WAY to go!  Who wants to be reliant on Big pHARMa for anything, right?!



I’m in my 18th year of practice and I have tried to instill into everyone I meet that you have the most power to turn around an illness FIRST by PREVENTING IT!  And second by getting on a holistic protocol AT THE FIRST SIGN OF SYMPTOMS.  I mean that first sniffle, the first unusual cough, the first gut rumble, that first sign of feeling run down.  I’ve been teaching this for years!

BUT it’s not just about taking a bunch of supplements and still running yourself into the ground, getting cruddy sleep, eating poorly and keeping stress levels crankin’.

However, many people still wait to do something hefty even when they are running fevers, having coughs, major diarrhea, chest tightness or shortness of breath, etc.

OMG!  WHY?!?!  I’ve heard too many say – “well, I just want to see where this goes”!!!! 

Are you kidding me?  Why do you want to just be sick when you don’t necessarily HAVE to be?

This is a training for any illness – so WHY ARE PEOPLE WAITING SO LONG??? 

If you are paying close attention to your body (and many are not) you know when you’re feeling “off” or “run down” or extra sleepy or maybe you’re sneezing or have some digestive “distress”.  Those are your first signs that your body is starting to fight something.  That is precisely when it is the most vulnerable but also most receptive to herbal immune boosters, antimicrobials, etc. 

But it’s also the time for you to SLOW DOWN, eat well, take a nap, drop the alcohol and sugar, etc.  Natural treatments are 100% more effective when you also change damaging lifestyle habits that lowered your immune system in the first place!

I’d say there’s a solid 85% chance to stop an illness in its tracks right then and there.  But do YOU do that?  Or do you keep pushing and continuing to do the same things?

When you have that very first sign of illness, when you know you are burning the candle at both ends or you have been exposed is EXACTLY when you need to get on heavy herbal treatment and listen to your body – Get better rest, SLOW DOWN, eat well and light, breathe IMMEDIATELY.

This is precisely where herbs and vitamins and lifestyle changes have their power!  They are not nearly as powerful once you reached low oxygen stats!

I’ve given you PLENTY of research on early herbal treatments and prevention and many have reached out to say that they were able to prevent likely, impending illness when exposed or felt onset.  THAT’S FANTASTIC!  Keep up the good work!

Many illnesses can be truly mild, truly preventable and truly treatable but even more so if you get on them in at the EARLIEST signs.  But you must be paying attention and know YOUR BODY’S earliest signs of imbalance.

Are you?        Do you?

Stay sane out there!  xoxo          

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