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Time for Critical Thinking

If you’re paying attention AT ALL then you’d be hearing about all of the talk about viral “origins” for the last 2 years.

BUT, over the past 2 weeks I’ve been asked about one in particular – the possibility of the presence of snake venom or snake venom derivatives in the water supply as described and researched by Dr. Bryan Ardis.  Maybe you heard this theory and maybe you have not.  It’s hotly contested and argued both for and against.

Regardless, there are a few things I want to share with you!


1. Do NOT rely ONLY on me for all of your information
2. Do NOT rely on ANY ONE person, institution, reporting agency, scientific journal for all of your information
3. Do NOT let anyone tell you that the “science is settled” – those words do NOT go together no matter WHO tells you so!
4.  And, ANYONE who tries to discredit another scientist’s theory or research within the first week of it being introduced is NOT to be trusted!  It is impossible that they had ample time to review all of the information regarding the theory.  And this goes for ALL theories.  I glean valuable information from all theories out there – there’s value in ALL research.  But those that “poo-poo” a person’s research out of the gates are doing a GREAT injustice to science in general.

WHY, you ask?  Because this is what I see ALL day long on social media and medical groups I am in.  Bashing each other and each other’s theories.

It’s disappointing!

What I do know is everyone and their brother have theories about viral origins and then they have strategies to prevent or treat and everyone is trying to be “big man on campus” with those theories and treatments.  They ALL seem to believe their way is the right way and are NOT open to new possibilities or nuggets of possibilities within someone else’s research or thoughts because it wasn’t their’s.

Ridiculous and anti-science!  Science is NEVER settled – there’s ALWAYS room for more theories – more theories give us more answers over time.  Egos are getting in the way all around here!

Everyone clamoring to be top dog!

So you know what I think?

I don’t care what the origins are!   (OK not entirely true:):)

What I care about is watching and researching HOW this is affecting people.  Meaning – how it presents in people (short-term and long-lasting effects), who is most likely to be vaccine-injured, who is most likely to have long-haulers, what damage is being done by the spike proteins in even healthy individuals and what to watch for in the future.

That’s where MY interest lies.

How can I help YOU be best prepared, be best healed long-term.

What effects are we seeing short-term and long-term from the spike protein?  And I say Spike protein because that’s honestly what it’s coming down to.  There is a spike protein whether you  get the virus “naturally” or through vaccination.  Whether we like it or not there are side-effects (short and long-term) regardless of how you “got” those spike proteins. That’s what I look at – what kind of damage are we seeing due to the spike protein, how long does it last and then I pull my knowledge from natural medicine and research to determine what I know to prevent this damage or treat this damage naturally.

Top things we are seeing:
1.  Oxidative Stress – DNA damage – DNA damage leads to more disease
2.  Endothelial damage – and fibrin deposition  – leads to clotting and vessel narrowing
3.  Increase in auto-immune predisposition
4.  Amyloid deposits – creating a whole host of issues including Cardiac amyloidosis and Alzheimer’s disease
5.  Hormone disruptions – thyroid, estrogen, testosterone

This is where MY focus lies.  How to make all of us as healthy as possible and prevent any type of damage or treat the damage as early as possible to prevent long-term health issues.

So instead of focusing on where it came from, I suggest recognizing that it’s here and keeping an open mind, armed with as much information as you can handle and stay healthy as you can!! 

As I learn how to help I will let y’all know first thing!
Back to research!​😊


Dr. K

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