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Where’s all this Autoimmunity coming from?

Something I think about often is the enormous uptick of autoimmune symptoms and diseases over the last 10 years but an even bigger uptick in last 2 years.

What are those symptoms?

Usually, I see some of these symptoms
          1. Fatigue – often fairly noticeable
          2. Pain – muscles and/or joints
          3. Sometimes a skin rash

          4. Headaches
          5. Digestive symptoms
          6. Constant colds, etc.

So it gets me thinking – WHY?  What is causing the increase in Autoimmune (AI) disorders (or as I like to say, “Auto-immune-y” which is when when we know the symptoms match autoimmune conditions but we get negative tests)?.

The testing for autoimmune disorders leaves a lot to be desired so I never rely solely on testing but full health history picture as well!

Here are some examples of these disorders:​
          ** Multiple Sclerosis – autoimmune and potentially triggered by Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)
          ** Lupus
          ** Rheumatoid Arthritis
          ** Psoriasis
          ** Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis​)
          ** Endometriosis
          ** Diabetes Type 1
          ** Alopecia (Hair loss)
          ** Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
What are the risk factors for Autoimmune Disorders?   

** Genetics  – They certainly can run in families and most often down the

maternal lineage


** Hormone Imbalance – We see some AI Conditions significantly

improve during pregnancy only to see huge flares not long  after delivery


** Leaky Gut – This is a prime source for the start of Autoimmunity


** Stress – Unmanaged fight or flight and high cortisol

** Glyphosate/Gluten – Gluten is a clear agitator for AI Conditions but is

it gluten or what we have DONE to gluten or sprayed on

gluten.  Glyphosate (RoundUp herbicide) residues have been

found on almost every grain (organic or not)!


** Diet and Lifestyle – Pro-inflammatory diet is a definite risk factor in

developing Leaky Gut therefore autoimmunity


** Past Covid infection or Covid vaccination – New research is pointing

to spike proteins as triggers for new autoimmune diseases


** Viruses – can be triggers for AI Disorders


** Poor sleep – Some autoimmune disorders are actually considered a

                         partial sleep disorders – like Fibromyalgia

** Too many vaccinations – When we “stimulate” the immune system

multiple times with multiple diseases at once in the form of

vaccination I firmly believe that our immune system cannot

keep up.  I have always recommending spreading out the

vaccination schedule for families that chose to vaccinate

themselves and their children.

Bottom line is that we are seeing an alarming increase in AI symptoms in the recent years and we need to better understand an individual’s risk factors and triggers to better understand how to approach.

More than ever, over the last 2 years I have seen many healthy diets go out the window, stress increased, sleep decreased and toxins abound.

If you are lucky enough to not have an autoimmune condition currently then do your best in getting your health on track on all levels

If you do have an autoimmune condition, there’s so much hope to have it totally under control by understanding your individual triggers and risk factors and correcting those!!​​​​ ​

As always:  1.  Eat right!
                     2.  Detox
                     3.  Balance your Hormones
                     4.  Heal your Gut
                     5.  Truly Manage Stress
                     6.  Get good Sleep
                     7.  Move your Buns
                     8.  Know your WHY!

In Health!

Dr. K

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