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Antibiotics – All Part of the “Plan”?


The more I think about things these days the more and more I become skeptical about how modern medicine has been “designed” – almost like it’s on purpose – to make us dependent on Big pHARMa – sicker and weaker.   Makes ya think, huh?!

 Yes I know I’ve talked about this before… and before that but…

 And I know, I know I’m a conspiracy theorist…but am I??

 You must admit that we need to question “modern medicine” and all it has to offer (or doesn’t offer) – especially after the last 3 years!

 One thing it offers are the “Chemical bandaids” known as drugs, that have so many side-effects.

One of the most widely used “band-aids” that I see employed all too often are antibiotics.  But I’m not talking about their use for significant infections.  I’m talking about every day use for what I consider the wrong things.

Like antibiotics for viral infections – there is NO indication for using antibiotics for viral infections but we are told to take in case of “secondary infection”.

Here’s another one – low-dose minocycline handed out like candy for “adult acne.”

How about those given to our children relentlessly for “potential” strep throat and urinary tract infections whether or not there is a positive screening test to warrant their use.  Then we have babies with ear infections given round after round of antibiotics.

We have been so conditioned that this is normal that we don’t even think twice to refuse them or even to think there is a better way or what damage is being done to our most precious system – the gut! 

Our guts are being broken down left and right by the overuse of these drugs!

Break down the gut and you break down the entire body!


Gut health is in large part identified by it’s quality keystone species.

A keystone species is “a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed, the ecosystem would change drastically.” As defined by Oxford Dictionary.

So why then are we so quick to jump on antibiotics like they are no big deal?  Because that’s how they are “sold” to us!

This is a look at a gut microbiome after long-term, low-dose minocycline for adult acne.  Prescribed as a first line treatment without ANY thought to what else might be causing her acne or what the repercussions are to the treatment.

Here’s her repercussions of long-term antibiotic use:

 “Not Detected” means a crucial gut species is simply NOT there!  Once you learn the health aspect that each of these species is responsible for you look at results like these with a gasp!


Bigger than most physicians would ever let you know!

We are SO conditioned just to go on an antibiotic at the first sign of any illness.  And if you don’t want antibiotics many conventional practitioners look at you like you’re crazy – because THEY HAVE NOTHING MORE TO OFFER!  

Honestly, I’m not even sure a conventionally trained practitioner would even understand this concept – it’s not taught in conventional medical schools – only heavy emphasis on diagnosis and pharmaceutical treatment – maybe that’s all by design?!

And I feel it’s on purpose – once again – the weaker and more broken we are the easier we are to manipulate and control. 

 With a lack of important keystones species here’s a list of possible outcomes:

               *Leaky gut

               *Buildup of histamine in gut and entire body

               *Buildup of other “garbage” in the gut leading to inflammation and disease

               *Poor estrogen detox

               *Poor GABA production – a feel good, calming neurotransmitter

               *Poor glutathione production – the #1 antioxidant in the body


               *Autoimmune disorders

              *Poor overall immunity


               *Overgrowth of pathogens – like Clostridium difficile, Campylobacter, Bacteroides

               *Low Short-chained Fatty Acids (SCFAs) – these nutrients are our EVERYTHING – without them                       we don’t thrive or survive!

               *Low B vitamin status


This was the same person’s GABA results as well!  GABA is such a crucial, calming neurotransmitter!


 All of this because of a lazy prescription of a round of antibiotics.  Yes, one round of antibiotics can do all of this!  And they are given out and we take them like candy – like it’s no big deal!

IT. IS. A. BIG. DEAL!!!!

 My recommendation – Stop running to the doctor to get a pill to “fix something”!  This kind of damage is being done all the time.

 So many people have been on antibiotics long-term or so often their guts are wrecked and I get to see this pretty much every day in their results.

 But no gut is wrecked beyond repair.  You can ALWAYS fix your gut microbiome but you’ve got to invest the time and patience into doing so.  It is NOT a quick fix.

 Most think that you can take a probiotic the same time you take an antibiotic and you’ll be just fine – NOT TRUE.  It MAY make the side effects (like yeast infections) less severe but it’s rarely powerful enough to offset the strength of one round of an antibiotic.

I’ve seen clients for 19 years now – and I’m still surprised when someone calls me to relay that their gut is now a wreck after we invested so much time into successful gut healing.  Why, you ask?  Because they report – “I had a respiratory virus and went on an antibiotic and ‘ever since’…”

Stop letting this be your norm!  It’s crucial we all understand that one antibiotic is a HUGE deal!

To Your Health!

 Dr. K


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Dr. K



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