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The navegation tab above, “Schedule”, has a link that goes directly to your scheduling website platform (not part of this site). To change this to your new one, I would need a PUBLIC link (not a login with password) that goes directly to a scheduling page of your choice.

The link “Schedule” below goes to a popup that has within it, a link to another website source where a person can select a scheduled date. If you are going away from this platform, I would need a LINK to a “schedule” page that is not Password protected and oped to the public.

Schedule a Complimentary Wellness Strategy Session

The code you sent me in the first email is shown below. It basically “embeds” your public schedule in a PAGE so a viewer can schedule a time with you. It cannot be used as a LINK.

Raleigh Natural Medicine Clinic

745 W. Johnson St., Raleigh, NC 27603